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Catching up

I was awake this morning to greet the beginning of May. It was by choice, if slightly under duress. Work has been crazy for the last few days. Iíve really gotten into this project and Iím fighting an internal battle of when is good enough, good enough to stop. Iím too much of a perfectionist to be happy delivering sloppy or half done work. I know that I can deliver a fully coded solution, but since I was given the project late, I donít have as much time as I would like to architect the solution and as a result, I have to code it on the fly. Granted itís fun to be coding, but the debug process takes a lot longer to complete and correct.

The good news is that my requirement is to have a 90% automated verification rate, with the other 10% being flagged as needing manual verification. Iíve hit that point, but I know I can get it closer to 95%. It is just a matter of tweaking the code, so Iím not satisfied with 90%. I guess technically it is good enough for the requirement, but it isnít yet good enough for me to be happy with the results.

Given that my life since Sunday has been sleep, short trip to the gym, work, repeat, Iím really looking forward to the weekend. Friday and Saturday night, Iíll be out with friends. Saturday and Sunday, Iíll be continuing the phased cleaning in preparation for my roommateís arrival, but then I have a date with a book and some sunshine.

Iím trying to decide if Iím going to drive up to Ohio next weekend or fly. Iíve pretty much come to the conclusion that fly or drive, it will take up about as much time with all the hassle of the airports, plus having to either get picked up or rent a car for the weekend. Iím seriously leaning toward driving up. The weather should be pleasant and since I just had my car tuned up, it should be up to the task. Iíll have to make sure to pack some music for the trip.

At noon tomorrow, I am officially clocking out, not working again until Monday and completely without guilt. Our offices are being moved tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, so I need to get my office packed up. The rate Iím going now, sorting will have to wait until the next move because Iím not going to try and sort things out after my self-imposed end of the week.

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