RedJen's Musings 3.0

A glimpse inside my rambling thoughts

100 Things

  1. I was born and raised in Bucyrus, Ohio
  2. I am the oldest of 5 children
  3. My youngest sister is 18 years and 2 days younger than I am
  4. I am 5’7″
  5. I have blue eyes
  6. I have red hair
  7. I am 42 years old
  8. My Astrological signs: Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising
  9. I have great legs
  10. I live more than 500 miles away from my family
  11. I miss my family every day
  12. I adopted Blue at the end of July 2004
  13. I adopted Mya in January 2005
  14. I adopted Greyson (July) & Sarge (October) 2009
  15. I didn’t live alone until I was almost 25 years old
  16. I fear being seen as weak
  17. I have a hard time telling people that I need them
  18. I like helping people
  19. I love to cook
  20. I like cars with big engines
  21. I lived in the Ohio State University football stadium for 2 years
  22. I was a lifeguard for 9 years
  23. I have a degree in Mathematics
  24. I took my second calculus class four times before I passed
  25. I was engaged for almost a year
  26. I have never been married
  27. I like being logical
  28. I am a software engineer & project manager
  29. I like designing business logic
  30. I am a good listener
  31. I usually give good advice
  32. I do not feel it is my place to judge anyone else’s life
  33. I believe people should be trusted until they prove otherwise
  34. My instincts are almost always right
  35. I am Catholic, but I don’t go to church as often as I should
  36. I read a lot
  37. I feel most peaceful at the beach
  38. I can get a suntan (either that or my freckles all meld together and it looks the same)
  39. I can put a computer together by myself
  40. I sometimes get depressed
  41. I like sour tastes
  42. I have a problem falling asleep when the room is silent
  43. I like sports
  44. I buy Ohio State football tickets every year and give them away
  45. I wanted to be a lawyer until I went to college
  46. I worked 3 jobs to put myself through college
  47. I have only been outside of the United States once
  48. I like to be challenged
  49. I have a real fear of failure
  50. People who don’t know me, can’t read me
  51. I am fiercely loyal
  52. I can keep a secret
  53. I am a romantic
  54. I am not a morning person
  55. I go the gym every morning before I go to work
  56. The scent of vanilla makes me sneeze
  57. I have been in an abusive relationship
  58. I finally hit back
  59. It took more than 5 years before I didn’t flinch when the person I was dating raised their voice
  60. My mother looks a lot like me when she has her hair and makeup done
  61. My Fair Lady & Yankee Doodle Dandy are favorite movies from my childhood
  62. MSG, natural gas and extreme tension are migraine triggers for me
  63. I dread having my picture taken
  64. I am a person you want around in a crisis
  65. When things go well, I have a hard time giving myself credit
  66. I am getting better at accepting compliments
  67. If you tell me what outcome you need, I can help you figure out how to get there
  68. I like practical, useful solutions
  69. I am good at spatial puzzles (the amount of stuff I can fit into a fixed space amazes people)
  70. I can be extremely articulate
  71. I am good at taking what one person says and explaining it so that another person understands
  72. I can’t sleep if there is an open closet it in the room
  73. When I was 5, I had a dream that an evil clown jumped out of my closet and chased me around the kitchen table in my grandmother’s house with a knife
  74. I am not fond of clowns
  75. I did not collect carousel horses on purpose (people have stopped giving me carousel horses 🙂
  76. I admire people who can honestly write about their feelings and make them public
  77. I admire people who refuse to be held back by their situation and choose instead to take control of their lives
  78. I prefer to assume that strangers have good reasons behind their actions, no matter how crazy they may appear
  79. I choose how I react to my surroundings
  80. I place a premium on controlling my emotions
  81. I tend to frustrate people who look for large emotional responses
  82. I have a temper to match my hair color
  83. I have 2 tattoos
  84. It takes a lot to make me loose my temper
  85. I took piano lessons as kid and I can still read music
  86. I can “touch” type
  87. Typing was probably the best class I was ever forced to take
  88. Personal independence is important to me
  89. I like being around people
  90. Turns out I’m an extrovert with anxiety issues, rather than an introvert
  91. I refuse to let being shy keep me from trying new things
  92. I tend to be a blunt extrovert at work and have to remember that some people need to a handled more gently
  93. I like to think things through before stating my opinion
  94. I would rather be silent than ignored, but I’m getting to the point where I refuse to be silent
  95. I designed the logo used by Ohio State’s Buck-I-Robics fitness program
  96. I helped start the aqua aerobics program at Ohio State (
  97. I have been published as a guest columnist in my hometown newspaper
  98. I was trying to write a letter to the editor
  99. About half way through the article, my mom read the bi-line and realized it was me
  100. This was hard for me, but I’m glad I did it…
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