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Saying Goodbye to 2015

Lots of changes this year.

Started the year as the single almost parent of a 6th grader, officially unemployeed as of Jan 1, 2015

Surprise no insurance (COBRA ran out Feb 2nd)

New nephew

New husband (On weekends and holidays, he’s still working for the union)

New step daughter (and step son)

Two new sets of In-laws

Preparing for BronyCon

Met my husband’s parents and brother

New Job

New school year (7th grade) – still a single parent

New brother-in-law

My husband moves home full time (union pension vested), I’m no longer a single parent during the week.

I was able to start gaming a few times a month on the weekend. I missed in person gaming, but it really didn’t fit anywhere until my husband moved down here full time. I used to game during the week, but that was completely disrupted by taking in my now step-daughter early so she wouldn’t have to change schools.

Thanksgiving & Christmas with our extended friends who may as well be family, all the while missing family we aren’t able to visit at this time.

Making noodles

Project Managing the kid through her holiday break so she actually gets her Science Fair Project done.

Coordinating gifts to family.

Putting a hurt on the Xmas candy and items to stock up on gingerbread and Peppermint Jell-O desserts.

Making Peppermint Bark without white chocolate (dark chocolate & milk chocolate) so we can share it with friends tonight.

Figuring out the kid’s plan for this evening. We had a kids’ party for her to go to with a friend, but now looks like she’ll be joining her friend at his house instead. His mom hasn’t weighed in on the situation yet, so all is up in the air.

The other question for today: Will there be flute music? We’ve bought the waffle chairs that she wants for her room, but now she has to pay for them with good behavior and flute practice. We’ll see how soon they become hers.

Hello Blog, I’ve missed you

I suspect the post that led me to write this will eventually be found at

I realized recently that I (also) miss my blog. I miss the rambling stream of consciousness that tossed everything in my brain out to where I could see in and let me reassemble it in a way that made sense to me (if no one else). It helped me take all the clutter in the closet that is my head, identify the things that no longer fit me, and toss out them out in ways that stuck. When I blogged through something, I could go back to it and say “Yeah, that’s why I made that decision.” It was validating to be able to show my unconscious mind the reasons why we no longer clung to certain things. It was tangible to me.

I’m going to take this reply to Amanda Palmer’s musings, and pasted it here in my neglected blog as a seed to start growing it again.